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Lake Colors Wholesale

February 12, 2010

Lake Colors wholesale are one of the commonly made-use-of coloring agents in industries. Lake food colors are highly adaptable as they are compounds with inert absorption.

As they are oil soluble, they can blend into fats, vegetable and other different cosmetic oils. Compared to water soluble colors they are relatively stable and due to this fact they are more in use in pharmaceuticals & cosmetics.

Some of the commonly used wholesale lake food colors are:

•    Lake Quinoline Yellow
•    Lake Carmosine
•    FD&C Yellow No.6 Lake
•    Lake Erythrosine
•    Lake Brilliant Blue FCF
•    Lake Tartrazine
•    Lake Indigo Carmine
•    Lake Ponceau 4R
•    Lake Sunset Yellow
•    FD&C Blue No.2 Lake
•    FD&C Blue No.1 Lake
•    Lake Amaranth
•    FD&C Yellow No.5 Lake
•    FD&C Red No.40 Lake
•    Lake Allura Red