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Pthalogen Dyes

April 5, 2010

Pthalogen Dyes are also called as Dyestuffs & Ingrain Dyes is well suited for use in fabrics such as, African print, Batic, Khanga, Fibers and other similar fabrics. The process of dyeing produces light-fast & incomparably brilliant blues and these can be shifted to darker blues or blue greens.

Pthalogen Dyes are most used for dyeing & printing of threads and are also used in retail fabrics for solid shade dyeing.

There are numerous Pthalogen Dyes available as per international specifications as listed below:

  1. Blue I F3GK
  2. Napthol ASG
  3. Blue I BN
  4. Blue I F3G & Copper Complex
  5. Fast Blue B Base
  6. Blue I F3GM